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Friday, 25 September 2020

Be Kind To Everyone Including Yourself -by Dhyani Shah

As you have probably heard a million times, keeping a gratitude diary, for which you are grateful, can have a big impact on your mindset. Research has shown that gratitude can be integrated into everyday life to ward off stress, improve sleep and foster more positive social relationships. In a related context, you are more likely to be available to others.

Being kind to others can give you a sense of purpose and make you feel less isolated, as well as help with depression and anxiety. I don’t know what your destiny will be, but I do know one thing: once you have figured out how to serve yourself, you are the only one who will be truly happy.

Self-love- Kindness is an important part of a healthy life that should be part of the rhythm of your life, kindness should not be limited to the way we talk to each other, but also to the way we think. Be aware that every person you meet could be struggling in their own way, and it can remind you to be kind to others. Just as one should learn to be kind, one should also learn to be kind to themselves.

This is intended kindness, especially if you have a scientific idea that you can share with someone who looks or behaves differently from yourself. This can counteract the common tendency to discredit people’s opinions because we are arrogant and proud to be kind to everyone we meet. Self-love-kindness allows us to take responsibility for what is in us, namely to be ourselves. If we see the value in the kindness of others and value them, we cannot overlook the place of self-kindness.

Imagine how different your daily life as a scientist would be if everyone adopted the mantra of actively trying to be kind to you.

You would become healthier and happier if you were kind to those around you. When you take such a mindset, thinking and concept for everything, you will deepen your thought processes and life in general, open up further to new things and experiences, and build a greater ability to accept new things and perspectives.

The more self-love and self-compassion you can promote, the better equipped you are to treat yourself in the same way. If you can be kind and gentle to yourself and others, then you should be able to treat the people around you in the same way.

After all, self-respect is about keeping your promises and delivering on what you’ve been told. Kindness to yourself is self-care, and it is important to improve overall self-esteem and mood.

It is nice to be nice, but giving too much and setting no limits, limits your ability to be kind. If you are angry, you must show kindness, but if you are annoyed with yourself and decide to do better from now on, stop blaming yourself and try to expect as little as possible, because if you lower your expectations, you will get a higher return. You have to be kind to people and brave enough to accept them, so know that this is difficult, it is up to you to let go of people’s mistakes and solve them yourself. But you must be polite to people, praise them, and praise them if they're pleasant enough, but you don't just have to.; one has to be gracious enough to be patient and above all to be kind not only to oneself, but also to others.

As Henry James said, “The three things in human life that are important are kindness, kindness and kindness itself.” When someone does an act of kindness to you, think about how to translate it into acts of self-kindness. Then, if you know what to do with it, do it - this technique is simple because you ask yourself to send your kindness to others. As for how to be your own best friend, make friends with people you have compassion for, such as friends, family members, colleagues, work colleagues, and even strangers.

Dhyani Shah 

Dhyani is an avid reader who is very enthusiastic about the art of writing and travelling. She is an ambivert who stands up passionately for women and their rights. She wants to pursue her career in travelling the world and publishing the stories in the right medium.




  1. This all saying looks good only when we read it but in real life no one has time to be kind towards others and this is fact and no one can avoid it . ..Be good to others we have to remain unhappy and I have gone through it ..

    So as people nature will be my attitude will ne same ....As world as we are here


    1. Hey. Sending lots of love to you. You are doing the best. May happiness follows you.✨

    2. I agree, but being kind and giving nurtures your soul,I guess that would be worthwhile.
      But anyway, hope you be happy forever.