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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Top Six Skincare brands in India (Post 1)

Welcome to the first post of "Six posts about Six things" series. Before reading this post I request you to click here to read about the series I am talking about. 

I keep reiterating about how much economic loss India has faced due to the pandemic. It's high time that we support our 'local brands' as also suggested by our PM. 
In this post I am going to share my top six skincare brands that I use personally and love them. 

(Shared in alphabetical order)

1.     BIOTIQUE Advanced Ayurveda 

With the passion of quality and sustainability, this brand has reached heights. They very well know to evolve and blend with the current trends. They are available on almost all online and offline stores. They claim that Biotique treatment do not cover up the problem but eliminate them. They have also recently launched the makeup range.


2.    Juicy Chemistry

The brand formed in 2014 with the aim to provide effective skincare products composing of the purest and the most nutrient rich ingredients from nature. With the motto of “simplified skincare” this brand has gained immense popularity among people. The best part is they are yummy smelling.  


3.    Keya Seth

I came to know about this brand some two years back and since then there is no going back. Ms. Keya Seth, a young lady from Kolkata is the mind behind this brand. She keeps conducting TV shows and classes to educate people about her brand and skin care. The products are effective and pocket friendly. I especially love their Sunscreen powder.


4.     Khadi Natural

The brand creates natural ayurvedic handmade products under the guidance of well qualified Ayurveda doctors with active ingredients which are formed from organically grown pure plant extracts. They are WHO, ISO and GMP certified and not tested on animals. I love using its hair care range.


5.     Mama Earth

This brand is proudly formed by parents. They take an extra step of ensuring that their products meet all the safety standards and they are also cruelty free. Within a span of short time this brand has reached every home because of its quality and affordable price. They are quick with their product launches and innovating that works the best in attracting customers.


6.      Plum Goodness

The brand is 100% vegan and claims to be all about “being good” to your skin, your senses, others and environment. They are also cruelty and parabens free. This brand has got a good fan base because they fulfill what they claim as a skin care brand. However, while checking their website I found something that really impressed me. They have mentioned “However, one thing we aren't and will never be, are manufacturers of fairness creams. Why? Because respecting diversity and protecting natural skin... that's what goodness is about!

This is one thing that I want all the of you to understand that fairness has nothing to do with skincare and you are beautiful just the way you are.


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