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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

Top 10 qualities of Bengali women
The Bengali culture is a highly literate culture, from Raja Ram Mohan Roy carrying out pioneering social reforms to Vidyasagar implementing them, from Vivekananda Exporting Indian culture of the Orient to Satyajit Ray conquering the west, the artistic and cultural heritage of Bengal is enviable. County’s first IIT, IIM, ISI were all in Bengal, also Asia’s First Medical Institute and First Lady’s college were in Bengal. This was all due to British influence, no doubt, Bengal established at the forefront of education in India at the onset of  the 20th century. A Bengali woman grows up overloading with all this information.
A Bengali woman is prominently known for many reasons, she is independent, bold, passionate and have a strong personality. She does not only seem to be intellectual, but indeed is!
A Bengali woman is not only full of family values and culture, but she is also broad minded, liberal and daring. They are fun because they  loooooveee talking so you will never experience a dull moment with them.
Top 10 Qualities of Bengali women:

10. Hypnotizing eyes

Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

One of the very familiar features of Bengali women is her eyes. Most of the bong women have gorgeous, expressive and sensuous eyes. One can just look into those big dark eyes and fall in love. Those eyes speak much more than the earthly beauty. Dark, bold and intense eyes stand for depth in her character.

9. She is not expensive
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

Diamonds, platinum can make any girl happy, but it can burn the pocket of the person who gifts. Bengali women are not expensive because they admires sincere gestures more than expensive gifts.  All you need to do is gift a good book to her and she will remember you forever. Since most of them are highly enthusiastic about literature so a good book can be a trick to win her heart. She would never force her partner (if not a Bengali) to learn the Bangla, but you can always make her smile by saying ‘aami tomake bhalo bashi’.

8. She leads with her intelligence
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

If you think she resides in her dreamland, then think thrice! She is not a gullible person. She is extremely intelligent. She stays updated with her knowledge; say it in politics or about Hollywood films, so she can always be a tough competition for debate. She believes intelligence is sexy.

7. Bold and blunt
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

She is independent and determined. She is bold enough to speak her heart out, not caring about the consequences. She has a strong personality and is often blunt. She believes, ‘knowledge is confidence’ and can intimidate the other person by her confidence, so you may need to brush up your knowledge before arguing with her.

6. She looks jaw dropping gorgeous in saree

Bengali women are full of elegance and femininity. Saree is elegant attire, no other garment can look as beautiful and eye catching than that of a saree and when it comes to bongs, it seems as if the saree is made for Bengali women. You can see her real beauty when she is dressed in the traditional white saree with red boarder in Durga Pujo days.

5. Broad-minded and independent
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

Bengali culture is all about female deity worship, they worship, Goddess Durga and Kali to be specific. They do not discriminate between the two genders and consider women with same potential and caliber as that of a man. Bengali women are self reliant and do not believe in getting married soon as they hate depending upon anyone, they are mostly career driven. They dislike men who cannot stand up for themselves and are insecure about women’s growth in her career as compared to theirs.

4. Feminist
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

She has the guts to fight against unjust all alone, but would not tolerate anyone harming her dignity. She can leave you completely clueless while talking about her love for Taslima Nasrin or by her rambling about women empowerment. She believes in better education, fierce independence and complete non tolerance of any male bullshit. She wants to change the world, but changing the perspective of people.

3. Rich in education and fine arts
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

A Bengali woman might be a good singer, dancer, poet, cook or writer. A lot emphasis is given to literature and fine arts while growing up to give the child a broader outlook, so bongs are often multilingual and broad minded in general. Education has lead to decrease in crimes, Bengal was the place where they first got rid of the evil practice of sati and encouraged widow remarriage.

2. Foodie
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

You may rarely get to hear that ‘I am on diet’ and even if she says that, she is not going to follow it anyway. One can wholly enjoy eating with Bengali women without any of her tantrums. She will accompany you for food as well as sweets. She might exercise later or before but would never deprive herself from digging into her favorite food.

1. Would correct your mistakes
Top 10 qualities of Bengali women

Say it your Facebook status or just general message conversation, she will proofread everything and would immediately let you know the mistakes you made. She can tolerate almost everything but has zero tolerance for incorrect grammar.

Lastly a Bengali woman is mixture of wisdom and beauty. She posses caring and loving nature, she has respect for tradition and also a definite streak of modernity, which makes her a perfect woman.


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