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Monday, 30 January 2017

The Law of Attraction

I believe nothing is coincidence, everything happens for a reason. I believe in good deeds and Karma. Above all, most importantly, I believe in The Law of Attraction. This is something, I have been studying for years now and I always try telling to people how powerful their thoughts can be.  A simple positive impression can inspire all your actions.  

Law of attraction is very well explained in The Secret. We attract the kind of feelings we have within us. Worry attracts more worry, anxiety attracts more anxiety, unhappiness attracts more unhappiness and dissatisfaction attracts more dissatisfaction. In the same manner joy attracts more joy, happiness attracts more happiness, peace attracts more peace, gratitude attracts more gratitude and love attracts more love.  It is a universal principle that you get what you strongly dream, talk and feel about.

You don’t have to worry about changing the world; you have to change what’s inside you. What you are doing to others, you equally do it to yourself, there is no escape to this process. So Let your heart and mind fly freely in the positive universe and take part in everything that positively influences your life. Researchers have observed that the heart-brain conversation is very dynamic and ongoing process and sometimes the messages sent to the brain from the heart can affect the performance.  The key part is that your focus can have an intense impact on the things happening to you.

Get deep into every detail your dream, treat it with love and respect and the universe will serve it to you. You must learn to believe that you have the ability to manifest everything you strongly desire. You will see the fears and negativity vanishing when you begin seeing the silver lining in every situation. This process will raise the level of your vibrations and you will soon notice happiness warmly hugging you.

Your thoughts raises your life. Create the best version of your mind and the rest of your life will fall in its most excellent place.


PS: Thank you for reading till the end. This day is really special to me, today is my blog's first anniversary. Congratulations and gratitude to each one of you for being with me throughout this journey. Thank you for making me smile, love, hope and  most importantly DREAM. 
I love you all :)

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