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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hello Valentines

Happy Valentines week!!

If you have a partner, then you must be celebrating it pretty well every day. If you’re single, then probably you are crushing on someone or simply enjoying your own self.

I think the best one can do is, learn to love people who made you learn love. Love them, not that you have to, but because they deserve to be loved. Thoughts are always our own, but people who inspire you towards good thoughts weigh more in your life. This is the right age for you to be productive. Make sure you have the right kind of people around you.

We all need love, sometimes sufficient, while most of the times in abundance. Romance, intimacy, affection and respect are always two way process. One should never stop making efforts in a relationship. When you are trying to charm your lover, you’re equally working hard on yourself too. You would brush your hair a little longer, press your collar a little better and spray your fav perfume a little more. That is the beauty of love, it makes everything more beautiful. 

Never try replacing the person they love, but keep trying to be like them and earn their love. Take them as an inspiration and grow better each day. Be ready to swim before jumping into love, or else you'd drown and turn everything nasty. There’s enough love for all, you just need to open your doors to see it. 

Love is forever and always. Love has the power to show the true north even in the darkest night. So stay motivated because finding the right direction at the right time is necessary for accurate navigation.

Wish you Happy Valentines :)


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