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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A Month in Delhi

I can't believe we've just completed one month stay in Delhi!
For those of you who don’t know, I was in Delhi from the beginning of January for one month of internship.

I went there with my best friend. We were just two girls, with uncertain thoughts and doubtful plans. All we knew was that we'd have to fight tooth and nail in reaching the destination. 
There were days when we worked late night while there were days when we didn't wake up till one o'clock in the noon. Some days we didn't eat breakfast while someday we had four meals a day. 

Delhi is a very beautiful place. It's chaos, yet peaceful.  People are sincere and well dedicated to their lives. You can never see a pinch of stress on anyone's face even when most of them are webbed in the hectic schedule.  The metros are full,  but nobody complains. Everyone is in harmony with one another. There’s hope and opportunity everywhere in Delhi, you just need to have the right eyes to see it.

Delhi has taught us that when you think you have been buried, you're actually planted.  We completed our internship and learnt more than we expected. We've lived the most amazing life in the past one month,  everyday was a surprise and a lesson at the same time. We have tasted the local delicacies, strolled the local markets, visited unusual places, relived the past in museums, explored the untouched, met new people (If you’re reading this, Hey! Thanks for being a part of this journey) and most importantly we have LEARNT!

I have never been away from my parents this long time, but they never doubted my decision. They could see the excitement in my eyes. They had more faith in me than what I had in me. (Maa Baba and bro, I love you three)

At the end, I want to thank Aakriti (Best friend), who was there with me throughout, holding me tight and encouraging me every time before my demand. You are never going to be less than a family to me. Thanks for bearing with me, now you know how really weird I am (haha). I really love you and respect you. 
(We missed you Chanchal)

I am home now, it's good to be back home. This one month has deeply taught that there's no place like home and there's no support like family. 
Cheers for the amazing start of this year! May God bless all of us throughout this year!  


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