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Monday, 23 January 2017

Solivagant Soul

There is nothing more comfortable than being in harmony with self. When you feel everything is going contrary to your plan and you feel helpless, you still have to hold yourself and fight against every odd to head your way, because if you don’t, then who will?

I am Born in a Bengali family and from a very young age, I have heard my mom singing this soothing Rabindra Sangeet on harmonium, ‘jodi tor dak shune keo naa ashe, tobe aikla cholo re’. I never deeply thought about the meaning of its lyrics then, I used to silently look at her face and see how much she enjoyed singing this song. After growing up, I realized the depth of each and every word of this song. (If no one answers your call,Then walk alone,be not afraid walk alone my friend).

People aren’t always that beautiful as they look like. When you begin to question your dreams, when you feel guilty for no reason, when you are dubious that the other one may use your weakness against you, when you are frightened that the other person may not be by your side. That’s when you should remind yourself, that you are not an option, you are the first choice.

Learn to love yourself, learn to win over people’s opinion who never believed your dreams. You are a beautiful soul because you see good in everyone, but remember seeing the same in yourself too. The flight isn’t difficult, you just have to give up on things and people who are trying to weigh you down.

It's better to walk alone that to be with someone who dims your confidence. Things may go wrong initially, but once you swim through the deep waters, nothing will scare you anymore. Learn to walk alone, you will get less reasons to doubt yourself and face the fear without flinching.

The truth is , when you think you are buried, you are actually planted.
So get up and step out!


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