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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

To Love an Introvert Girl

It's too hard to love an introvert girl. I am not talking about her being ‘not so easy’ kind of girl, but about making her comfortable in your aura.

She might not be the party pooper or about the glam life. She might not have a lot of admirers or a happening social life. She doesn’t look into the mirror a hundred times or worry about the pimple peeking from her forehead.  Yet she’s beautiful. You just need to stop looking at her and start seeing her.

She might not just start a random conversation, so ask her questions, engage her in arguments and see to the sparkle in her eyes. It might not be so easy, you will have to earn it. Listen to her stories, nod your head, try to figure out her interests. Do not serve her your sympathy, but feed her tranquility.

When she wears her favorite red skirt, don’t stare at her, but appreciate her. Let her know she’s beautiful and that will make her day. 

Write her poems, read her good books, make her wonder about your beautiful mind. She might be slow, but eventually she will speak her mind. Don’t try to squeeze into her heart, but justify your love by your words. Let your words linger in her mind. Show her things she couldn’t see, tell her about your impossible dreams, make her laugh loud, let her know that you are beside her always and  she will become crazy to inhale your company. 

Don’t try to change her, she is the best of her kind. You are the luckiest of your kind.
Life is not always about what you see, but with whom you see it.



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