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Monday, 3 October 2016

I think I have lost a friend

We were never on the same side, he was north and I was east, but we were still adjacent to each other. I have had my best days with him,  I have discovered the meaning of life with him.  He was calm and sophisticated yet could handle my berserk. We fought, but got fixed.  He's one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. I knew I could lend him my heart and sleep in peace. We met every day, gossiped nonsense and laughed loud. I started  sharing him everything, right from complaining about silly issues to reaching him for serious decisions. He was a bloody Zen who was always happy with himself and the world around.
We met at the completely wrong time, but still we managed to make the perfect rhyme. We were distinct, yet together. I was the happiest, because For the first time in my life, every single thing in my life was falling on my side.

Soon the perfect tale got clumsy. Life brought us to a situation where we had to get separated. I wasn't depressed because I knew one thing for sure that our friendship promises are stronger than other boundaries. We met late and parted early, but like Agustus Waters did for Hazel Grace, he too gave me a forever within the numbered days. I believed better days were impending.

One year later
Today we met again, same table, same chairs yet we felt suffocated. We talked about old happy days but could not make any new memory today. I could sense the change in the air. We didn't look at each other the way we used to before. Distance has played a nasty game. I think the distance has grown now and we have become north and south. 

The worst of all is, I can never live the way I used to before.

I think I have lost a friend today.

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