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Monday, 10 October 2016

Flashbacks always follow

 Flashbacks always follow

They are not always same, some days they are sweet and pleasant, while some days they are lethal and barbaric. I hate the flash backs that bring back my scars, the scars I have been trying to hide from everyone. They highlight the flaws that I have been blind to for so long. These wicked memories haunt me so bad that I have to wrestle hard to escape.
Escape? How can someone escape from self? The moments I have lived once calling bad days, are gone now, but I still get flashbacks.

I remember a few days from my past where I was not sure of the future. I am also grateful that I chose to take a chance of living and never got crazy about the race. I took breaks, I cried, I have seen every phase of a heart break and then bounced back to make a new start. I never rushed for it, nor tried replacing those memories by settling for less. I have made them my strength.

Sometimes I think I remember too much, but then I wonder, do I really remember everything? Flashbacks also make me smile, recalling good movies, sound sleep, coffee dates, books I read, hands I have held.

I don’t think I can ever understand the concept of flashbacks. It is like walking through the moments of past and still being directionless. They are like forest fires, just a spark and it will disperse. Memories are not chronic disorder, they are beautiful. There is nothing negative about flashbacks; they are to remind you how far you have traveled and how strong you have become since the day when you said ‘I have lost’.
Lost one? It’s okay! you still have nine other reasons to survive.


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