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Sunday, 4 September 2016

If You Ever Find Yourself In The Wrong Story LEAVE

He thought my dreams were crazy. He disrespected my decisions. He wanted me to leave my friends. He left me crying whole night. He thought my feelings were my drama.  He called my tears to be my weakness. He asked me for things I wasn’t ready for. He made me wait for his call. He told me terrible, unforgettable things. He forbid me when I needed him the most. He disrespected the things I loved. He left me.

The day he left, I neither cried nor waited for his calls or messages. I didn't ask my friends about his profile picture or status. I left my phone and started indulging in things I really love. I discovered a lot in me after losing him. I feel much independent and powerful now. 

 Sometimes I miss him, I even skip a heart beat listening to his name or seeing him somewhere out, but  then I adjust my imaginary crown and walk on.

 I feel guilty for putting me second on my priority list. He had been just a chapter in my book and I have a lot more stories to write. I don’t hate or criticize him because we both are equally bright stars, but sadly could not form a constellation.

I lost him, but I do not regret!


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