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Monday, 13 March 2017

Om- The Sound of The Universe

Do you feel unorganized at times? Do you feel lost? Do you feel incomplete?
If yes, then my dear you might have fed yourself well, but your soul is still hollow. Time and again spirituality has proved to be the best form of healing. There are various symbols, methods, crystals and many more, but the objective is one, to cleanse your mind and awaken consciousness.

It has been one year now that I have been practicing meditation. It has become a part of my routine now and nothing soothes me as much as meditation does. People often ask me, how to do it. Is it difficult? How does it work? The truth is, mediation is all about place, time, posture and breath. You don’t have to rush or over think about it. Start with little steps and see the world behind closed eyes. Start with OMKAR. Even 10 minutes of Om chanting in a day can drastically improve your health.

Om is the crown symbol.  It is the most sacred and encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe. It is used in the Hindu and Buddhist culture since its inception. It is originally a Sanskrit word, meaning source or universal consciousness. AUM/Om has  three forms of sound ahhh, oohh, mmm, respectively; representing birth, life and death. Hence, Om defines past, present and future. Om Chanting is one of the simplest, yet most effective form of meditation. When you chant it over and over again, your consciousness gets into deeper state of cognizance and you release positive vibrations. Sometimes the practitioner can also become one of the vibrations and can feel the whole universe within him/her.

The method is quite simple:
1.      Sit upright and close your eyes.
2.      Now, take a nice long deep breath and exhale.
3.      Inhale again and this time exhale by pronouncing OM
4.      Taper off as it breath ends.
5.      Embrace the stillness.

Om chanting purifies the environment around and within you and creates immense positive vibrations which charge up the entire vicinity. It increases your concentration, immunity and self healing power.

Chapter 8, Text 13 of The Bhagwad Gita
ओमित्येकाक्षरं ब्रह्म व्याहरन्मामनुस्मरन् |
: प्रयाति त्यजन्देहं याति परमां गतिम् || 13||
Krishna states that one who at the time of his death, while quitting his body, chants the syllable Om which is the supreme combination of letters and think about Godhead, attains the supreme abode. He shall certainly reach the spiritual planets.

Love and Light

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