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Saturday, 1 April 2017

It Was Only Just a Dream

It always surprises me, how can one fall in love so soon while it requires so much time to heal a broken heart. Time has taught that even if you give whole of yourself to someone, you cannot make them fall in love with you. In the end when you are not together, you develop an empty space in your heart. Even with having everyone around, you be alone.

I am on the way of learning, I have learnt that some people can create and destroy you at the same time and you do not realise it until too late. You reach the middle of the sea and then realise it was only just a dream and you cannot go back to sleep.

I have come back from that place with all my answers. Now I know, some people are totally made for each other, but can never be together. You can keep them in your heart forever, but never hold their hand. I wish I could create a planet for just both of us. Healing has forced me to rebuild and I am glad I did.  

We both were perfect characters of the same book, but we chose different stories to live in.


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