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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How Do You Know

How do you know you love him?

Just because he called you up for coffee, your eyes met and you thought it’s the zing! Or because you haven’t talked for last 2 days and you are missing talking to him and concluding it to be love.

I wish this generation could know about romance. The beauty of meeting each other, their families, having long walks, doing adventure together, knowing each other better and then falling in love. The kind of love that will sweep you off your feet and make everything look appealing. There is no skip option in love. There is a whole tunnel to walk through to reach the light of love. There will be times when you cannot live with them and even not live without them at the same time, but if you still choose not to replace them, then damn! You are in love.

I was once told not to invest my everything in one person, but somehow I love how pain equally gives me pleasure. He has those intense dark eyes that revealed the soul full of answers. He makes me vulnerable with his eyes smiling at me. His hugs can instantly change my mood. He keeps my berserk to at ease. He is mature with his words and conduct; I can trust him with all my secrets. How could I not fall for him, he is worth being in my dreams. He makes me want to be the best person for him without losing what I already have.

Yes, I am in love with him! I love him when he affectionately holds my hand and tells me that I am beautiful. I also love him when he is exhausted, frustrated and havoc. I love him every time, because that’s all I can do to feed his soul. I don’t need a zing to manifest love, I need a passionate connection. It is far less important for me to be liked, than to be understood.

‘How do you know you love him?’
I know it because, I have tried to hate him, forget him, and replace him!
And here I am, writing another piece of art about HIM. 


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