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Monday, 22 May 2017

All We Need is Love

I apologise for not being active on my blog these days. People who know me personally knows the fact that I had recently met with an accident (a fast running car hit me while I was driving my two wheeler). I am better now, doing well and healing every day. Last 10 days were the best days of this year, because I was told to rest, eat good and sleep most of the time. I was living a great life, everyone loved me and fed me my favorite food, played my favorite song before even asking for it.
There was so much happening around in  last two weeks and I thought I would never be allowed to drive again, but fortunately God has always been kind to me and he made sure that people belied in me more that what I did to me. My parents never limited my driving. 

I remember 6 years back, the day I was handed the keys of my vehicle for the first time, my father used to tell me to call him after reaching my classes, my mother used to call me if I got late and then years later things were pretty smooth and uninterrupted. After my accident, my parents have re-started that culture. I  am being given paramount attention, like was given in my childhood days.  

 I always thought I was becoming mature enough  to keep my emotions aside, but honestly, I was too busy to even feel them. May be I needed all of this from a long time, I wanted people to make me feel warm and care for me and tell me that I am their sole interest at least for once. We all need love and we can never have it enough.

At times of adversity we realise our real strength and real people. You always get a chance to smile and love people a little more, you just need to have real eyes to see it and a kind heart to feel it. Gratitude is a very small gesture, but it can do wonders. Thank you everyone for your love and good wishes. Thank you for accepting my accident face far more readily and quickly than I did. I feel free and alive. 

You don't need a lot of people to make you feel strong, because when you know you are deeply loved by someone, you get the strength. 


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