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Friday, 7 July 2017

We Only Regret the Chances we Didn't Take


Only a few days back, I was introduced to this word, which means lasting for a short time. This word has started a storm within me, like how can some things just not be there anymore.
It chocks me when I realise that some moments won't ever knock my doors again. We don’t really always get second chances. Do we?

That means I can’t go back to the day when he was holding my hand bravely in the strange city,when he kissed me slowly in the rain, or when we watched the night turn to dawn.
Oh God! I really can’t go back to that day. I should have held his hand a little longer. We should have ordered my favourite Biryani. We should have danced a little more in your best friend’s birthday party. We should have been together a little more, to create some good memories.

We both have made mistakes and left each other undiscovered. How sad it is that we have scarred our love with so much disgrace.

I didn’t like your favourite song then I like it now. I have heard that you love eating Biryani these days. Time is a funny thing,  but thank God we at least have control over our present. Now when I know the meaning of momentary, regret is the last thing I would want to do from now.

Risk everything for what you really love. Don’t just get moved, let them sweep you off your feet, because the present is the only goddamn reality that you can change!

Don’t give up on people you love. Just Don’t!


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