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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Breathe in and breathe out, anxiety will go away! If this rule works for you, then you are really a fortunate person. I am not that fortunate person and sometimes like every normal person I too get anxious or worried in stressful situations. Take note of one thing very seriously, you are not insane, but just anxious.
There are a few tips and tricks that I discovered over the period of time that really worked for me. These may or may not work for you, but they can really calm me down so I trust them.

1.       Coloring
We all loved our drawing and art classes in school. Right? Did you know coloring has great mental benefits as well. Coloring can help you de- stress and relax your mind, this can help you out in dealing with anxiety and depression.  I may sound crap, but I have heard real life stories about how people have coped up from depression with the help of adult coloring books.

2.       Chewing a gum
This may sound a little funny, but it actually helps. When you are chewing the gum, you are letting your body focus on chewing. Since our body, mind and heart are in a continuous network,  so for a while your mind you will forget what you were worried about and only focus on what’s there in your mouth.

3.       Run Run Run
When I say run, I mean run not walk. Studies have shown that people who are active and work out on a regular basis can easily reduce anxiety. Make sure you also follow the right diet, feed yourself right to feel right.   

4.       Meditate
I cannot stress enough on what meditation can do to your health. The results are mostly permanent and drastic in meditation. Just do 10 minutes of deep meditation, let the world inside you feel loved and wanted and you will be charged enough to face the world outside. Go for meditation class or start meditation at home.

5.       Talk it out
Man is a social animal. If you are fighting with something inside you, let your closed ones know about it. Talk to them about everything you are going though. You aren’t weak, we all are equal and believe it or not, sometimes we may need help. Choose the right person and pour out your heart.

At last but not the least, keep your environment clean, dirt and mess attract negativity. Listen to soothing music. Go to bed and rise up at the right time. Read positive quotes and good books. Love and respect yourself as well as others.

Life is short, accept everything that makes you happy.




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