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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

What does Freedom mean to You?

‘Freedom’ is a very small word, but it has countless peripheries. We all have read that freedom means happily living in an egalitarian society. We strongly believe in it, but does that really apply?

Freedom for me is not just about speech, education, religion, etc. There are far more things that contribute to form the word freedom for an individual.

Freedom for me is to live in the country fearlessly, to eat whatever I want to, wear the goddamn outfit I want to, feel secure inside and outside my house, to detach myself from ‘log kya kahenge’ thoughts.

Freedom for me is to choose the partner of my choice, marry the gender of my choice, to share my opinions loud or silently on the internet, to happily be a size zero or size sixteen, to be light, medium or dark. 

Freedom for me is to be my authentic self and still be respected and accepted with dignity.

Freedom means to do what we like, without being forced to do or like.This is astonishing that even after 70 years of Independence, we are still debating on such thoughts. I want you to stop right here and think... Are we free or still captive?

Happy Independence Day!


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