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Monday, 2 October 2017


If in the room full of people you feel lonely. If you think that time has paused and isn’t changing for you at all. You aren’t listening to things or feeling what’s happening around.  If you blame yourself for what’s happening and still don’t change it. If you keep thinking about the past too much that you’re unable to attend your present. You fail to see the positives and feel depressed about what you don’t have. If you let people consume you and still feel they deserve more. Then darling, there something wrong!

You’re not here to mold into someone’s expectations. Don’t wait for people to come back when they didn’t care before leaving. You cannot control what others are doing to you, but if you fail to love yourself, you cannot ever have enough love. Stop asking for answers or questions or reasons because sometimes we just cannot solve.  For a while accept what’s gone and try to not look back.  Appreciate to what you cannot change and you will find a good reason not to change.

Relations aren’t hard to maintain, equal efforts are required for it, you don’t have to sell yourself to buy happiness for others, if the situations ever come down to it, you need to slow down and eventually leave, even if you have traveled more than halfway.

Empty is a state of mind, but if not healed immediately, it can turn into a chronic disease. So when next time you think of destroying your enemies, first destroy the one within you.



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