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Sunday, 22 October 2017

The 50th Post

Hey, welcome back to my blog!
This post is really special to me, and for everyone who have always been there for me and supported me throughout this journey. About one and half years back I started this blog and today here we are at 50th blog post. OMG!!!!! I get crazy every time I think of it. This is my 50th post on this blog. Yaaapppiieeeeeeeiiiii :D
This post is also special because a few of my friends have shared their views about my blog. So without wasting much time lets get to what my friends have to say.

You’re my best friend but in spite of that you’re also an inspiration to me. We talk a lot about a lot of things and you advise me, guide me and help me to face the challenges and I feel blessed . The energy and that positive vibe you share though your blog “PUB OF WORDS” is the best decision you have ever taken in your life. I remember 30th January when you posted your first blog (that took you 2 years to post that) you were smiling ear to ear and you were so satisfied about that decision. And we are also glad about it.
Well about this blog “PUB OF WORD” whenever I feel left, alone, ignored and blah blah blah....I just go through this blog because after reading any of your posts I gain my confidence that help me to face the situation. This blog is kind of replica of yours that’s why people feel attached to all your posts. All the content all the stories are real and that’s why they feel an attachment and a bond.
I really love all your posts but some of them are my super favourite like your second post HAVING A POSTIVE MIND this post inspire me a lot. This post actually made me realise that yes dude I had become a hopeless and impatient and kept blaming God for everything without any reason and then I did meditation as you mentioned there and even engaged with spiritual words. I start believing in myself and after just few days my life was again back on track and I even met that person whom I love a lot.
After reading the first paragraph of  your post FALL IN LOVE I felt like this is what I always feel I really loved that line where you said “ love is selfless, it has room for everyone”. Your post likes I HAVE LEART, I AM A LADY, and BROWN SKIN is the best source for anyone to gain self confidence. Raneeta you have well said that “life is a strangely beautiful, let not judge, let’s not criticize, let’s just live.
Raneeta I want to know the source of inspiration behind this story “if you ever find yourself in wrong story LEAVE”. And yes I love you but I hate your this post “when I betrayed myself”. Always made me feel angry.
And my super favourite post.... A MONTH IN DELHI.... I miss those days

Oky the end I want to say you that tu jitni aachi dost hain uthi hi aachi writer bhi hain.... and the way you express your words are awesome You’re doing a good job bae.... logo ka stress level kaam hota hain yeh blog padh kr....
Love you”
“Not many people know what inspired me to become  “the stronger” me.  N this is a little secret I waned to share. I ”the old me “ was a left over and forgotten one,  I myself was  filled with negativity and every night I had the same dream and most haunted part of my nightmare was glimps of past .This  king of routine made me more dull and I was wishing  for time to heel it but it was a slow process but as every night ends with the sunrise that movement  for me was when I meet with an accident and got hurt and a well wisher came to visit his words hit me more than that wound but in a positive sense those were ”look time has a quality to heel as it get spent don’t wait for it do something yourself so That you don’t regret the time wasted and those opportunities which came in your way was wasted”. Those words of him  gave me little light   And a thousands of thoughts to think . Then after time was doing it’s work of heeling but  now I was helping him too . That resulted as a “better me” and “stronger me ”. So some times you don’t need big stories or big qoutes to get inspired. You just need your sunrise .  Ranee ‘s post for me are little dose for those sunrises in my life I feel privileged to have her as a  best buddy n sunshine.  She have a quality of making each an every day feel like n downs  are part of life . Downs  phase made the value for ups , as we should have a a balance in both  thanks again for giving me this  raneeta  I love you”

“As everyone will be writing about the blog, I would like to write about the blogger , Raneeta Pal. You are such a creative person. I never knew you could write so well, but when i read your posts, omg, all the writings are so relatable to our daily life, they all are connected to us and that's why everyone loves reading your posts because they can connect their life with them. At the end I would just wish all the happiness and success to you and I wish you cross more than 10k posts.”

 “ It's always a pleasure to be a part of your blog. I am still thinking about how we met on social platforms?? Whenever I got a notification I simply smile and read all the word that you have perfectly defined in your blog.
Whenever I get notified I just think for a second and then read it calmly about everything in life, whenever I am upset or happy or when I'm not getting any direction towards life, your blog takes me up to another level and then after I just smile and everything is okay.
You are the first ray of hope; you are the sunshine of a bright sunny day. You are the "cup of a coffee" on a hectic lazy day; you are the blessing in of a pleasant sunset. Life is always a better option than anything else and I am happy that god is helping me always with your words.”

“Dear best friend you are so much special to me and all your blogs were just amazing your writing and the way of communication was something extraordinary you are an amazing soul 
Love you and wish you write 500000000000000 more blogs”

“No words  to express my feelings  about you and your blog, I will sum up all the  words and just say that your blog is just perfect you are a perfect writer and a perfect blogger . Love you always, keep writing and keep inspiring us by your beautiful words”

“I don't read article s but I love seeing the mirror and that's why I read only Raneeta pal articles.”

“*Pub of words* 
Your blog is inspiring, amazing and extremely good & helpful to everyone... Your blog always inspired me..all blogs like love, friendship, life, freedom or for girls or anything  all  inspires n motivates  me every time...that how can I change myself and be a better person...your blog is seriously wonderful so thank you so much for always sharing this great stuff with me!!  
You are so talented Di I wish I had the same flair of writing...your writing skills always inspired me.” 

“I am so much obliged to write about your blog. You are the most amazing and wonderful soul in my life and I m always thankful for this. And when it comes to your blog, it's the best and your posts are soo good specially some of them like on friendship, healing and specially that brown skinned one...they are totally amazing and some even I can relate to myself. I am soo much proud to have you and to read such wonderful positive posts. They always make my day better. Hope to read some more good ones in the future. All the best and keep writing my writer.
Love you always”

Thank you to everyone who shared their views and also to every reader out there, you all are my strength!

Lots of love

PS: Wish You all a very Happy Diwali! Be Safe and Happy!

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