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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Why I left Facebook?

This year on 1st January 2017, I have deactivated my Facebook account. I agree that it sounds a little crazy and worthless to talk about, but trust me I have a lot to share.

Initially I thought that I would sign in within the first few days, because I was habitual to the attention and frequent checking my FB account and if someday I hadn’t then I used to feel lonely.

When, a month or two passed, I realized that there is nothing that I miss about FB. I noticed how useless talks, people and stuff I was involved in. That was never my fault, social medias are designed to make us addictive and hence we lose the capacity of concentration.

Life is simple, but social media created all drama, but igniting hatred, jealousy and anxiety within people. That is all because, everything seems perfect there, good skin, lips, clothes, life everything. Everyone seems to have a happening life and that creates differences. Social media is a wonderful place to connect with good people and seek help for any cause, but when things go opposite for you, you need to stop before it gets too late.
I too liked being popular and up to date kid at some point of time, but there was nothing productive in it. You end up being in chaos, rumors, fights and nothing right.

People spend hours scrolling down to satisfy their eyes and mind, but the hours they spend are never equal to the satisfaction they get and that makes them irritated and want to scroll more. Andrew Lewis rightly said, “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product”.

How my life changed after abandoning Facebook?

·         I have become more independent because I don’t have to carry my virtual life problems.
·         I am much focused as I don’t get sudden Facebook notifications or chats popping up from unknown people.
·         I get time to workout, read good books and listen to my favourite musics. Basically, I have increased the self love phase.
·         Now I know how action speaks louder than extensive posts.
·         Happiness is always a personal choice, no one can make me happy or sad.
·         I have a better mental and physical health.
·         I haven’t disappeared. I still have good friends and also know what’s going on around the globe.

By no means I am telling you to quit FB right now, but if you wish to do that, there is nothing much that you are going to lose.


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