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Thursday, 23 July 2020

The Law of Attraction -by Aiswarya Roy

             The Law of Attraction is a belief that positive thoughts and positive actions attract positive experiences to your life. The belief requires you to put your mind over matter, in order to overcome obstacles and maintain a positive attitude. Your thoughts, your affirmations and everything you tell yourself, has a significant impact on your mindset and how you deal with everyday life. By reaffirming positive thoughts, you can change the way you look at things in order to make a difference.

The Law of Attraction

            In this increasingly stressful society, where we are persistently bombarded with knowledge of all the bad things happening around the world, it becomes difficult to keep a positive outlook. The result is cynicism, hopelessness and burnout. Even on the individual level, with all that is going around, staying positive is a herculean effort. And I admire anyone who can pull it off.

            A bad hour can turn into a bad day, and a bad day into a bad week if we’re not careful. The slump is a downward spiral and it will get worse, if you let it. The deeper down you go, the harder it becomes for things to return to normal. The idea that a single positive thought can change this vicious cycle might seem too far-fetched. Maybe not a single thought, but it’s a start.

The Law of Attraction

            Positive thoughts give rise to positive actions, but there is only so much we can control. Thoughts run free, but you are not a slave to your thoughts. Negative and intrusive thoughts are natural; having them does not make you a bad person. It does not mean you failed. It is, however, in our control how much we dwell on them. Thoughts come and go, but we have the power to create positive thoughts and reaffirm ourselves with them, and that is an act of rebellion against everything trying to bring you down.

            Change is an amazing motivator. Everyone needs variety. A simple change to your daily routine or to your workspace can have a great impact on your attitude and uplift your mood. Looking for something simple? Start by changing your bed-sheets. I know it sounds strange, but the effects are miraculous. Open your windows and let in some air. Declutter your closet. Listen to music that makes you feel better. Surround yourself with and consume media that is optimistic and wholesome, rather than those that reflect a negative mental state. Let your feelings and emotions flow, but know that you are in control. Positive actions are guaranteed to attract more positivity into your life, and it starts with simple thoughts.

            Miracles are real, and they happen around us every day. They may just be happy coincidences, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Our belief and hope in something good happening to us increases the very chances of those coincidences. We hope and we dream no matter what our circumstances, because that is what keeps us going; that is what makes us look forward to another day. And we must not limit ourselves. In the immortal words of Tom Hardy’s character in Inception, ‘You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.’

The Law of Attraction

            The most impactful thought is gratitude. We are blessed with so many more things than we realise. So count your blessings. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. Maybe it’ll get better, sooner than you think. Maybe, just maybe, everything will be okay. And that’s a blessing in itself. We have so much to be thankful for, every single day.

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Aiswarya Roy

About author: Aiswarya Roy is a BA English student and author of the novel "Home Safe Home". She enjoys reading and writing. She is an avid animal lover, she is also enthusiastic about movies and comic books.

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