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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

The Power of Manifestation -by Abhirami MG

From a very young age, we were all taught to use our imagination, to dream, to have desires, to set out goals and finally, achieve them. We all move forwards in life with a goal in mind, we want to be something, to be someone and most importantly, we want to be successful. What does “being successful” really mean? It has varied connotations. A perfect job? A perfect lifestyle? A perfect family? A perfect balance in life? A satisfactory life status? It could be all and none of this at the same time. People are unique, each person carries a different meaning for success in their mind.

The Power of Manifestation

Most of the time, we find ourselves asking: how can I be successful? How do I succeed? Will I get what I want in life? The questions never end. Now, what does manifestation indicate? An action or an event that clearly shows something. Here, the "something" means your desire, your passion, your dreams

The first step to gaining what you desire is to believe in yourself. You might have heard this often, but in reality, self-confidence is key. You are certain of your aims, and you must sincerely believe that you are skilled and that you have what it takes to achieve it. Keep telling yourself: You can do itYou can do it.

The Power of Manifestation

Before going to sleep, perhaps, you can list out all the things you want to achieve in life, in a notepad. Write I will instead of I want and make sure you do this every night. This little task can influence you, subconsciously and might help you more than you presume.

Always keep in mind that if you don't accept yourself for who you are and if you question your abilities, then it becomes a challenge to concentrate and work your way towards what you want. It takes time. Give yourself time. Figure out who you are, recognise your strengths and weaknesses and slowly build up the courage. Confidence means conceding both your strengths and your weaknesses.

Understanding our weaknesses gives us an edge and can help us dodge or tackle and overcome obstacles. Our vulnerabilities can even prove to be advantageous in life, who knows? Life is unpredictable. So, understand yourself clearly. Know who you are.

Next, be positive. Don't doubt yourself and let positive thoughts fill you with happiness. There will be moments when you question your abilities, but those are just moments, and in time, they pass. Maintain an overall positivity about your ambition, and don't let some momentary negative thoughts hinder it. Just rely on the fact that these troubling moments will soon go away. Negativity is unavoidable, but we should accept that we can conquer it.

The Power of Manifestation

Before you set out to accomplish what you want, always be sure if it is the right or if it is what you really want. Most often, people plan out goals, and they find, sadly, that the fulfillment of this dream or desire hasn't brought them contentment like they hoped it would. So, use your mind, your imagination, travel forward in time where you have everything you ever wanted. Live in that moment. Now think, is this what you really want? Are you happy? Now that it's all real, do you think you actually need it? Is this it? This might not be much, but sometimes it helps us develop a clear view for we maybe even deceived by our thoughts or conceptions, at times.

Now that you have visualised your future and you know if that is what you really want. Nothing can stop you now. In your mind, it has occurred. The next move?You must closely analyse and determine what exactly it is that you need to do to make that future happen. 

When you dream, you must work for it. Do all that you think will help you bring closer to your dream. Harness all your talents, your energy and be passionate. Grasp any kind of opportunity that can bring you closer to your ambition. 

The Power of Manifestation

Never forget your dreams. And never stop persevering, for this will lead you to that certain future you envisioned. In your quest for happiness and success, you will find that perfect life, and when you do, you'll be thinking: life is beautiful.

Abhirami M G

About Abhirami MG: Abhirami M G is a BA Honours student in English, who is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to classic rock. She enjoys reading and has a penchant for history and science fiction. She hopes to pursue a Masters in Anthropology and is an avid Netflix binge-watcher.


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