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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Meditation for healing

Meditation for healing

If you are waiting for that perfect moment in your life where you have imagined and pictured everything perfect, STOP, because that moment is never going to come.
Life is full of surprises and astonishment at every nook and corner. You expect something, but life pulls out a different card and your entire game plan goes for a toss.
Isn’t it damn frustrating and annoying to acknowledge that life has something entirely different, sometimes which does not even coincide with the periphery of what you have dreamt and imagined?
Yes my dear friends, I am talking about resiliency under such circumstances and bouncing back to normalcy with full rigor and might.
My profession puts me in the front line of such circumstances which are ever changing and echoes with ‘Expect the Unexpected’. This creates a challenge for me every waking moment to handle them at the right time and take correct decisions.
Evidently you might have figured out how fatiguing it may get. The next curiosity with which you might be bubbling up now is, how I manage that.
The answer is simple… Meditation (Dhyan) or Meditation with music

Meditation for healing

It is over a decade that I have been practicing meditation since my undergraduate days and I am looking forward to continue for the years to come.
Meditation gives me a feeling of serenity, divinity, calm and affinity towards nature and God- the supreme power. It transports me away from the life of stress, depression and chaos to that of peace, contentment and self realization.
When I meditate I find a peaceful place away from distractions,  close my eyes, sit cross legged, place my right hand on right knee and left hand on left knee embracing a gyan mudra,  practice deep breathing, visualize myself in a country hillside which has snow capped hills, cool and fresh air, faint beams of sunlight over the hills’ peak, melody of birds chirping, euphony of waterfall, the vibrant flora and fauna and the mist clad earth. These visualizations blow a spell of life into me and makes me overjoyed.
I utter the holy syllable Om (Aauum) and I start affirming it to myself that my soul is getting blessed and purified by the divine power, all the negative feelings are getting drained and I am getting poured in by endless love and abundance of life and spirit.
I meditate for about 5- 7 minutes everyday and sometimes even a bit longer provided I crave for more of it and I have time (very necessary). As I cruise towards the conclusion of meditation, I thank the supreme power for blessing me with all that I have been able to accomplish in life till now and all that I possess today. This offers me extreme satisfaction as if I am consuming nectar from an endless source.
Lastly I visualize contemplation on my organs, limbs while still keeping my eyes closed and thank God abundantly for keeping them all in good health following which I pay gratitude to the Universe for offering me the new day.

Meditation for healing

While reading through this may be extremely exhilarating and satisfying, following this in real world it may be slightly different.
Some may have scarcity of time, some may be too lazy, some may not be willing to rise early and for some it may just not be possible at all due to their circumstances. Whatever be the reason, this may distance the person from an amazing affair of life.
I know life can be cruel at times, but it is equally necessary  to withstand and give a tough fight to the adversities and hardships and lastly never surrender in front of them.
So I welcome you all to assimilate this amazing treasure of mediation which is available to everyone free of cost and decorate your life and soul, it was designed to be be so. Isn’t it?
I am curious to learn more about your ways of meditation. So why not hop into my  bandwagon and share with me your beautiful thoughts?

Keep practicing meditation with music!

With Love,


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