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Monday, 29 June 2020

Self Affirmations for Enlightened Life - by Pooja Sharma

​I am Blessed!
​I love myself so much!
​The Universe is guiding & directing me in all best ways for me!
​I am at my peace & harmony!
​I am Confident & have faith in God or divine power!
​I have abundance of all my desires with happiness, gratitude and joyous state!
​I am strong!
​I am a positive person!
​I live my life fully and limitlessly!
​I am at my good health!
​All is well!

​I have my private or personal space where i just work on myself for my growth & development. I am greatly concerned with my peace and happiness. I can & will do everything i want to do in my life. I like to live alone mostly because that's when I am at myself with divine power and blessed with miracles & gifts where i get to know about my soul and a kind of spirituality. I have faith in God (divine power or universe) and it means a lot to me in my life as a guru, mentor, teacher who always blesses me and guides me whenever i need him. He is only one who is my secret friend or can say 'best friend forever'. I just believe in him more than anyone. I trust my lord only and i do what he guides me to do through my heart. I follow my heart. I keep away myself from the negative & toxic people to keep my aura (or atmosphere) clean & peaceful because it is my priority and responsibility to live my life fully. 

​I am a child of god, a gift of god to this universe to spread abundance of positivity, happiness, peace, harmony, and joy. I am his loved & blessed child. There is no space in my life for evils or enemies like worry, fear, & anxiety which can't stay in my way. I am at my present state of mind, the past no more affects me and my state of mind. I don't care and react to the obstacles negatively. I am just full of positive vibes which effects everyone around me. All the souls are connected with each other and all are craving for love, peace, happiness, joyous, poise, serene, confidence, faith, balance & relaxation. All I am doing just for the supreme lord and the people of this universe. I am doing well with the guidance of my subconscious mind. I don't overthink and just focus & concentrate on the best things for me. l am grateful for my patience too. I know that love is the most powerful thing in the universe & anything or everything can be done with just pure love. Hate is an evil thing to do, it must be discarded completely by fading all the memories belongs to it. I can feel every breath for which i am grateful. I am not going to stop at all because the show must go on. I get to know facts first then rely on any matter. I enjoy every experience with wholeheartedly. Nothing is good or bad in this universe, its just my mindset only with limited perceptions. Darling come out of that limited perceptions & just live every moment of life fully & limitlessly. I thank god or universe for all the lessons & experiences I have been gone through since childhood because that made me more & more strong day by day and year by year. So ​l am grateful for everything.

​Be Change! 
​Be Positive!
​Thank You!

Guest Post by POOJA SHARMA

Pooja Sharma is a law student who loves reading novels and self help books and loves creative writing. She believes the power of written ideas communicated through reading is foundational. She writes to influence the readers because beautiful writing isn't about the words we use, it's about the emotions we evoke.