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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Gaze of Gratitude -by Anwar Pasha

Life has become so uncertain in many ways that we never know what it brings for us the next moment. And yes, we have become busy enough to overlook it. In this busy life, we often forget to appreciate many things that fabricate our life among which life itself is the most prominent thing.


We have been so busy complaining every time about something that we forget that the blessing we have is still a dream for someone out there. And then what’s the point of praying to God when you can’t value his gift of life? 


It has been a crisis for all of us as the world has taken an enormous turn due to this whole pandemic thing and a lot of people are suffering due to it, like who would’ve ever imagined of these times that we’ll be keeping safe each other by maintaining social distance. After all, this is a life which we can't run on expectations.

While many of us are depressed over for not being able to spend a holiday at our favorite place and inhaling that cool breeze, on the other hand, many people are in a dire situation of fighting over to inhale every single breath. 

While many of us crave for the best dish to try, many other people can barely afford to fulfill their daily routine. While many of us get desperate to live in the best house of the desired model and design, many other people hardly have a home. 

We have many offerings that are often less appreciated. If you ever feel that you are not happy enough with what you have, look at your life with someone else’s eyes, you will realize that you have a lot. 

No matter how many problems we have, how much of pain we go through, how much of stressed we are, at the end of the day life is just a composition of all segments for everyone which needs to be accepted, happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, and surprise. All emotions can be carried by just being patient, and most importantly, by being grateful towards life.

The feeling of gratefulness and appreciation has gone with the wind just because we have been searching for gratitude and love by spending half of our lives running behind the things that we don’t want and the things we don’t have and finally end up with oblivion and hate.  

Inversely, if you start appreciating what you have and being thankful for the life you have got, many things will flow into your life for you to be more grateful and happy. 

Being appreciative and grateful cannot solve all your riddles, it cannot give you all the things that you dream of, but it can surely make you feel happy about each moment of your life.

Life takes us from moment to moment. Every moment has got something new and different to show if we focus on it. And those little things sum up to be a fascinating part of our life. But only if we get to observe it.

In order to observe it, a steady intent look is needed. 

A gaze of gratitude!

Anwar Pasha

About Anwar Pasha: He is passionate about writing because he truly believes that “when words fail, writings speak!” and writing is the best way to express human emotion as it connects to the heart and unravels the soul.