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Friday, 10 March 2017

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Aura is our spiritual signature. Some people have a bright and magical aura that makes them attractive, while some people are gloomy and dark and no matter how educated or well dressed they are, they will always reflect negative vibes. Be wise in choosing as attraction goes deeper. 

You might have observed that some people in your life are way more consoling than others. You get that feeling of love and belongingness from them. You must have noticed that some people can just be with you for a while and solve all of your unsaid questions. They speak your inner dialogues loud and you can't believe how have you found them. That is because we all have some kind of energy within us. We release that vibe and attract the similar tribe.

Have you ever held a baby’s hand? If yes, then when next time you do, look into his eyes, you will see him looking above you, or right past you. This is because babies can see your aura. Children naturally have the power to see the energy field around you. They are pure and have stronger auras than most of the adults, who are webbed in the materialistic world.  

Seeing or reading aura might be a rare case, but creating one is not. Don't be impudent to yourself about your flaws and insecurities, identify your best qualities and exhibit them to the world. Make sure to create and attract bright aura around you and contribute in making this world a peaceful place because when you lift others, you are equally lifting yourself. 


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