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Thursday, 13 October 2016

I Miss the Old Me

I miss the old me, the one who was free, optimistic and hopeful. The one who took decisions without over thinking. Who did what she wanted and not what was needed to be done. I miss the confidence I used to have, without a pinch of doubt I encouraged my every stupid plan. I was never worried about the consequences, but always excited about the adventure.

I miss the one who believed in true love and friends forever; who made every damn effort to get things right and maintain the relationship. I was neither much interested about the future, nor regretted much about the past, but just living for today. I miss the time when I was genuine and truthful and people believed it without my trying to make them believe. I was wild, but I was free; I didn’t care if people accepted me or not.

I miss the time when I didn’t know the meaning of ‘pretending’, I can gladly mark that I have had real laughter, joy, tears and heartbreak in my life. I was not scared of anything, I could see only good in everything and everyone.  

What happened to me now? Is it me who has changed or the world? Why can’t I look at the world like I used to? My pretty little world has demolished, the mirror that once loved me unconditionally has now started showing my flaws. I cover them up with makeup. I miss myself terribly, but I write miss you texts to people who don’t care.  I spend hours talking to people, but my heart still aches because it has thousands of unsaid stories. I think I have got a major loss.

I miss me! I miss who I was before I learnt about life.


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