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Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to Heal Heart Break ?

Maturity doesn't come with age, but with experience. The same way growing stronger is not something that just comes along with age, but with experience.

This post is heartily dedicated to all the broken hearts.
First of all a tiiiiggggghhhtttttt huuuggg to you my dear. I am really proud of you, that you could make it so far. I am sure it was not easy.

 You might have lost your loved one or have been cheated by someone or your best friend has become estranged to you.

Well luckily, we are born in the century where we can hide almost everything, from last seen, swelled eyes to emotions. We are so reluctant on sharing our pain with others  and on the other hand, we also expect people understand and not leave us alone. I know this feeling, I have been in those shoes several times. I too don’t like being answerable to everyone, but I have also learnt that we tend to think and give more importance to the issues that we are trying to hide from the world. So believe it or not, don’t stay alone, even if you want to. You really need to talk to someone about It and banish the hell out of you.

Never underestimate the heart ache, it is real! The experience of heartbreak is real. If it lasts for long, it can also cause cardiac consequences and eventually lead to depression. Broken heart syndrome is 
life threatening for your health, but the best part is that it can be healed!

When I talk about healing, then it may sound very cliché, but trust me it really works.Time is the biggest healer. You need to realise your importance and priority soon, because looking back will only make you vulnerable. Just keep going on and some months later, you would not want to look back.  

The best one can do is, give 100% to the situation you are in right now. I really want you to actually feel the pain, deal with the situation, accept the loss, let the heart heal automatically and then move on. At times of adversity you discover your real strength. 

It’s going to be really difficult in the initial stage, you would feel vague and directionless. You would want to cry, read previous messages, listen to sad songs, stalk their profile, but you got to get over it and start living your normal routine soon.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Try dismissing the grief, anger and fear as soon as possible. Exercise can be of great help to you, it will bring back the right amount of peace and excitement in your life. Get into a new friend circle, meet new people, indulge in fun activities and it can rapidly heal your broken heart.

There is something really beautiful about heartbreak, once you face it, your life changes entirely. You rediscover yourself, the one who is stronger and better. Heartbreak is something very certain in a life time, so hey! You are ready for the life now.

Some stories end with a beginning. From this day a new life starts.

Collect the broken wings and fly again.


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