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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Something to be Grateful for

Being strong and being emotional are never antonyms of each other.  If one is emotional that never means that the person is weak.  I think am a lot on the emotional side and that's the reason I take everything too much, hurt or love. 
My life was never a clear sky; it was mostly a weird combination. Few days back when  i was highly depressed and vague,  I was totally clueless about life.  I felt lonely, like a giant mountain. It was a terrible time, but you know what I discovered out of it? STRENGTH!

I have got so many of you wonderful people around me who took the pain to let me out of the vicious cycle. I always had someone around me before a tear drop could roll down my cheek. I met new people! I met the old ones too! And you know what?  None of them have changed; they accepted me the way I have become out of heartbreak.  I have got so much to learn in this period. I am thankful to people who still choose me without making me answerable. Thank you for letting me know my worth, when I didn't care for me enough. Thank you for calling me beautiful when I didn't want to face the mirror.

This post is heartily dedicated to my Family, Friends, readers, and even strangers, who just passed by and taught me a lesson. I am extremely grateful to you g guys for giving me smile, love, laughter, good music, good food, tight hugs, positive vibes, great trips, strong coffee and most importantly STRENGTH!
I send each one of you lots of love, happiness and tight hugs. I can undoubtedly say that my family has grown larger.

We learn more from failure, than from success. I am also thankful to people who broke my heart, and knocked me down on my knees. I could have never found myself without losing you!
Lots of love

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