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Friday, 12 June 2020

Completing Sixty Posts

I have completed 60 posts on my blog. I take it as an achievement because, honestly, not even in my wildest dreams I have imagined me doing it. I am so glad that my words could travel you. I have made many friends through my blog since my first post on 30 January 2016. Writing is one thing that makes me feel liberated. I have learnt that our imaginations can reach to impossible places and words can make even the speechless feel their existence.

I am extremely grateful to you for stopping by and giving my write up a chance to feel its existence. I believe in big celebration even for small events. That makes me excited and motivated to do more. Hence, on this exciting completion of 60 posts, I have decided to make the next six posts a little personal. I am going to share next "six posts about six things" I love. I hope you like them and continue being with me through the journey ahead.