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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Good things can still happen in the midst of chaos -by Dhyani Shah


We all want to know that things are going to be OK. What it means is to accept all the uncertainties and turmoil of feelings that life has to offer. A great monk once said you can feel all sort of feelings including anger, joy, sadness, your laughter and that ability to feel everything amid chaos is certainly a good thing.

It can be difficult to remain calm as the chaotic winds of life whip around us, but we can learn how to react to things that are out of our control and remain calm amid the waves that are rolling toward us. We share some of the crucial skills that you need to learn to find a true and lasting sense of happiness. These skills are based on being able to find peace and handle the usual stuff when it hits the fan. It cannot be stopped by things that are in your control, it is just a matter of practicing and building on it until you have set yourself up so that you can remain calm while the chaos of life surrounds you and you find peace.

This can bring you into a state of calm, serenity and peace in the midst of chaos of the life we live in, but it can also cause a great pain. If you find only moment of peace every day, despite all the turbulence, your whole life will be more joyful.

In this sense, here is a 3-step process to help you navigate through chaos with peace in your heart.

1.      Communication with people, strangers. Let people hear all the madness of your mind.

2.      Taking care of their state of mind and emotions

3.      Cultivating compassion and serenity

These are all the good things to focus on now. I hope that these steps will prove useful to you and that you will find peace in the chaos.

Whether you are a chaos maker or just caught up in the hubbub, the best way to bring sanity back to your team is to be an island of stability. That means learning how to survive not with a lot of chaos, but with a little bit of it. We live in a time that makes it difficult to focus on things we cannot do or cannot do at the moment.

By tapping into the spiritual truths that guide our lives, we can bring order to what might otherwise feel like chaos. If we accept that we are part of something much greater than ourselves and develop a trusting relationship with that something, then we will find constancy and peace. And when challenged in the midst of chaos, you give yourself ample opportunities for kindness.

When things are chaotic, it can make a big difference whether you can focus on yourself again, keep a moment of calm while others panic, or whether you can sense the moment and regain your footing. In times of great uncertainty, we must ground ourselves by recognizing that, despite the chaos around us, we are still thriving and working well. We all have a story to tell about how were lucky enough to work and prosper in spite of chaos. Discuss it with your mates and find goodness and satisfaction in words.

This may sound counterproductive - intuitive, but just because a situation is chaotic does not mean that you have to be chaotic. We cannot control everything in life, but we must learn to control our reactions to difficulties and adversity, something that starts with ourselves.

It is a question of practice, but the less time one has to rest and be centered, the easier it becomes to immediately put peace in a protective bubble in which to rest. If you completely abandon your regular responsibilities, you will create new problems and more chaos. There are dramas, distractions and problems that certainly need to be addressed.

But even if we live in the midst of chaos, there are things for which we should be grateful, and chaos reigns. It hurts when you suddenly realize that: "I am insecure and no longer here today" or "What I took for granted yesterday is uncertain” or when you are dealing with a life full of chaos, the first thing you have to do is to step back and try something like this: Ask yourself, "How do I do things right here and now? " And "What's going to happen at this moment?”

We all know how hard it is to be at peace with not being in control, especially in times of need and chaos. You must make a mental effort every day to put your energy into things that bring you peace, joy, balance and well-being. What can you do to keep your mind out of chaos and engage in productive activities to keep it occupied so that you do not descend into chaos?

Dhyani Shah 

Dhyani is an avid reader who is very enthusiastic about the art of writing and travelling. She is an ambivert who stands up passionately for women and their rights. She wants to pursue her career in travelling the world and publishing the stories in the right medium.




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