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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Life is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing -by Dhyani Shah

Sometimes an adventure means trying something out of your comfort zone, no matter how wild or uncertain it may seem. Whether it’s going to new route in your own city at the weekend, practicing new sports or taking on a challenge you have been waiting to try all your life, it’s worth trying everything. Maybe you will meet someone unexpectedly that will change the course of your life. Once you start seeking discomfort, you’ll be tempted for something new.


If nothing else in life, we have a sense of how we react and react to the mundane, boring, and difficult life. We can curse what is not, or we can engage in what is and it is still a great adventure. When you consciously see your journey through the lens of your experiences, pause at the moment when your heart feels like speaking and ask yourself: “What is the call of adventure”? Get a sense of checking in yourself and feel the potential adventure that could lead you to important values.


What is happening to you is not just a coincidence, but part of an important, even epic journey. How many times have you expressed confidence that a bold step into the unknown will go down well? And how often are you sure that your courageous steps into unknown realms have been well received?


The remarkable thing is that the lady who wrote this amazing quote ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” Helen Keller lived this life, and there are many people who were inspired by her to live life to the fullest. She published “Faith in fear or not” contains the following passage. The adventure we call life is described as exhilarating, but we know it can throw us off. Some call it downright nagging, some are older than us.


The quote attributed to a woman who had to behave for so many reasons not to regard life as a risky adventure struck a chord with me. When I read this, I rolled my eyes at my current circumstances, which would be considered a kind of adventure.


Safety is usually superstition, but I think she always felt that she wanted to "make up" all the years she had to lose when her mother died, even if it was only a few months after her death and not a year or two later. Without an anchor of sights and sounds that would guide me, I could know that there was no real gravity, no ground, no people looking for me and they would have been there.


Daring adventures require us to trust that life will unfold according to a plan greater than our own. If we can’t believe in what we see and hear, then what we have is what we had. Holding our faces against transition and living in the face of destiny like free spirits is a force which we cannot overcome. Looking for thrill and excitement requires faith in life and yourself.


What’s the worst that can happen? So, you have an ambitious goal or just a notion of how you want your life. But you keep putting it off because of the one emotion 'fear' that everything might end up wrong. As soon as you're done imagining the complete horror of failure, wonder what you'd do then?


Look for the helpers. Don't hesitate, because you have everything you need for this wonderful journey, your imaginative mind, your intellect, your curiosity, your love, your emotions, your link on the path that leads to life. Anything else in your life is just a bonus.


The worst can happen and often does. But it happens despite, not because, you’re living life to the full. Life is a bitch. And then it isn’t. What is there really to lose except a regret of not satisfying the hunger of your life?


So, love life with full intensity. Love the people and allow yourself to be loved. Don't let yourself fall in the pretence of fake love. Feel everything that the world has to offer. And go for what you desire, never let the society keep you away from wanting what you want. Even when you can't see the ground in front of you, have faith and remember to look for the helper and let them help you.


If you're dissatisfied where you're, just one step in a new direction is all it takes. This is the adventure. The ground will be there.


Dhyani Shah








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