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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Brown Skin

'she's dark!'
I have really grown up being scolded and bullied by this.  
 I am a dusky girl. I was told to apply besan,  lemon and what not and frankly I tried them all,  but nothing changed my skin tone.  As I grew up,  the concern started rising and I stared feeling helpless. I was teased in school and in family functions I was the major concern of every Aunt. I still remember their facial expressions when they use to tell me that I am a girl,  I should be fair and beautiful, my colour is decreasing my beauty. Eventually I realized my skin tone was more important to others than me.  I have spent about 10years of my life searching for a solution to this disease,  but nothing actually turned positive.

Now I have grown up, my skin tone is no more a concern to me and I don't hell care about the society which never accepted my originality.There was never a disease in me, but in the minds of people. Mere complexion cannot judge one's beauty, intelligence or potential. Criticism or someone judgement won't turn down my capabilities or define my talent.

I am sun kissed. I love my skin,  if you don't then walk away, because I am going to wear the same skin for the rest of my life.


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