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Thursday, 11 August 2016

When you think of Marriage

When you think of marriage

Don't marry your boyfriend/girlfriend or lover!
Don't marry the one everyone thinks is perfect!
Instead, marry your best friend or marry a stranger and start from friendship.
When you think of Marriage

My grandma once said there's a difference between liking someone and loving someone and the same way, there's also a difference between loving someone and marrying someone. She advised me to always choose friendship as it stays, love will eventually fade away.

Don't marry one who is successful, it will kill your dreams and make you dependent. Marry a struggler who would arouse your hunger for success.

Don't marry a perfect man, it will be nearly impossible to satisfy him. Choose one with flaws, who fights, irritates and most importantly tries to improve.

There is illusion everywhere. So, do not get fascinated by glitters when the next time you see a picture or romantic couple in instagram or fb. Glitters do fall off! Always choose the glow that's from within.
When you think of Marriage

Love is never born perfect, it's like a painting that starts with gentle light strokes and slowly turn into a perfect masterpiece.

We all get blind to glitters but no matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around.


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