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Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Path to Awakening

Hello fam!
I know I haven’t been regular here for a long time, I apologize for that. I am doing fine and last few months were like an adventure ride for me. For those who know me personally would know that now I am pursuing higher studies and it is pretty much keeping my life busy and stressful.
I have recently met few of my very close friends and got to know they are somewhere having a similar life; hectic and stressful. Then I realized that we all have grown up and now we have greater responsibilities. We are living around some hundred people and they all have different world and different kind of sufferings. The sufferings may be mental, emotional or sometimes even physical.

If it is a physical one then I would pray to God that you get healed soon. If it is a mental one then I would pray to you to stop it right now. The thoughts in your mind are your own creation. The world will always throw different kinds of information on you, the quest is to train your mind to take the pleasant information and respond to only that. You neither have to over think on every damn information, nor have to respond to it. It is not that difficult, think of the time when you were in a public transport and you had put your earphones on, because you didn’t want to indulge in others’ conversations, that is how you have to treat negative thoughts. You don’t give them attention; they won’t be able to bother you.

Simple? NO! I know it is not that simple. We all are so webbed in anxiety, stress and hopelessness that we only let our mind think in one direction. But the mind was not made for it. The mind is and will be within you for the rest of your life so you cannot let it choose the wrong direction as that would impact your entire existence.

Do you need help? That’s okay! We all need it. We all search for strength, hope and happiness in our life and guess what? We have it all within us! To reach a happy state, you should choose the path of enlightenment. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you have, and thank God everyday for what you have. You cannot grow a healthy plant if  the soil is dirty. There is a solution to all your problems within you; the only way to it is by expanding your inner consciousness.

I often tell people that spirituality is the ultimate game changer. It will guide you in every path of your life and make you fight your inner demons and synchronize your entire body. Sometimes we don’t really need to be helped or rescued, we just need to know our own power. Handle the situation right, so that your future self can thank you and be proud of you.

Some days back  someone very special to me had suggested that nothing is more important in life than inner peace.  If something costs you more than your peace, it is way too expensive. Recognize your priorities and put your energy into things that make you happy.  
You always attract the energy that you give off to the universe.  Believe in goodness and positive lights, the universe will respond to what you believe.


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