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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

This Too Shall Pass


It feels great to be back on my blog after more than one year now. I did not forget about it, I tried my hand on writing many time, but somehow always convinced myself that I don’t have it in me anymore. Yesterday, while I was talking to my best friend Aakriti, I told her about my frequent stress and anxiety. (Let’s accept that we all need help at some point of time. Asking for help is brave.) The first thing she advised me was to start writing again, because even she believes that it is the only sigh of relief in my life. I gave it a thought last night and soon quit saying ‘I can’t!’But here I am, after more than a year now, back on my blog, writing for my sanity.

While writing my last blog, I was in NLUO, completing my Master of laws (LL.M). It was a tough journey, from working late nights to early mornings, the struggle was real and I have seen it all. But at the same time, it was a life changing experience; my life has changed drastically in a lot of positive ways after that. I managed to clear some exams and now I am a faculty in a law college. I learn something everyday inside and outside classroom from everyone I come across.
Coming to the bigger concern, I hope you all are doing well. This pandemic has ruined so many lives in such small span of time. I agree that it has to do a lot with your body’s immune system, but we cannot deny that the mental strength has a bigger role to play. Medical experts from all over the world are persistently telling that elderly people have higher risk of getting affected by covid19 and at the same time there are also many elderly people who have been able to beat covid19. They have given a glimmer of hope during such difficult times.

We all were in a rush from so long and believe it or not, we needed a break. So pause, pat on your back and give some credit to yourself for everything. This break is the longest one you are ever going to get in your life again, where you will be able to stay home with your loved ones and learn to see life from a different perspective. And if you are stuck somewhere in a different city away from your loved ones then a big hug to you! You are doing great so far; try to stay indoors the maximum time possible so that you and your loved ones don’t have to panic about each other.

Wherever you are, turn these lockdown days into self improvement days. Re-think about the decisions you have taken or about to take. Take off all your layers and learn about your REAL self a little more.

This too shall pass :) 

Love and light

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