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Sunday, 30 August 2020

How To Become Happy? –by Rimzim Gangwar

Before being happy firstly we should know power of happiness.

There is a saying that, "when a defeated person keep smiling towards a winner, the winner loses enjoyment of their winning. That is the power of happiness”. 

Fill your life with joy and smile. Don’t let it become a vehicle so anybody can drive it by their opinion, by their complaint, by their thoughts, by their looks and turn you into non-living thing.


Happiness depends on you what you choose or leave. Want to fly high and to be unstoppable with your thoughts and success? Leave all those things which pull you down to earth back.

Good planning and thinking is good for our better lives but at the same time over thinking is biggest enemy of our happiness and rebel with our good moments without any cause.

Having Good knowledge is one of the best things which make you good soul person; good knowledge is just like a light of sun over your darkness of sadness. Everyone has a something good knowledge, gain it, because Talk Less, Listen More.

If you see people in trouble, come out, help them, do good for them without any expectations of return. It might not be your duty but everyone has a great heart with humanity, and they definitely gets a smile on their face in return. Do more and expect Less!

Don't try to find things to make you happy just enjoy every moment, because everything happens for good. As every work has own pros and cons, every day has light and dark, just like same Happiness and sorrow comes in every life, Why should we panic if sorrow comes first because happiness Will definitely come after it.

Don't let your life be guided by others’ opinion. Don't change yourself. Love yourself, live with real yourself, whatever you're, you are. Real happiness is in real you.

Don't make complaint to others because all will ignore you until they need you and everyone will remember you as long as you help them all so, it's ok if no one cares. If you stand for yourself that doesn't mean you are alone. Just appreciate and learn something from performance of others and convert it into happiness and strength. Be happy that you also got to learn something new today.

Giving smile and wearing a smile throughout our life is a best formula ever to get a best life.


Rimzim Gangwar 

About Author:

Rimzim Gangwar lives in Udaipur, Rajasthan. She is a law student in University College of Law, MLSU. She loves book reading and creative writing.

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  1. NYC one sister.....
    I am proud of you..
    Best of luck

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  7. You are such a nice person that you actually observed people main problem in this age.Thanks a lot for this one.