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Monday, 22 February 2016

Solace and The City- Udaipur

‘Solace’ the first word that clicks on mind when describing The city of lakes, Udaipur,India. Sitting near the lakes that are hemmed with Aravalli hills and letting the cool breeze to wrap you in their arms is one of the paramount feelings which can fulfill you with enormous joy and will make you dump all your sorrows. Udaipur possesses a peaceful ambience which is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Hence, is one of the most romantic cities in the world.
Udaipur has got a prestigious title called ‘The Venice of East’ for its amazing beauty. It brought in laurels to the city when ‘Travel and leisure magazine’ declared this city as the world’s best city in is enriched with the world class hotels and resorts where the most luxurious and royal weddings take place.every year a good number of royal weddings take place, not only from across the states of India but also from around the world. The city also attracts popular filmmakers and directors to work on their masterpiece here. Lake  front view guest houses and casual rooftop restaurants also add to its beauty.
 The City of Lakes itself narrates its beauty, the beauty which is floating everywhere like a fragrance and one can never resist him from falling in love with Udaipur. The city has seven magnificent lakes which are Pichola lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Rajsamand Lake, Udai sagar Lake, Doodh Talai lake, Badi ka Talab and Swaroop Sagar. These alluring lakes and watercourses make the city more popular by the phrase ‘The City of Lakes’.
Lake Fateh sagar is the most loved tourist attractions; it has a magnetic charm in itself which grabs the attention of all. Not just tourists, it is also a dearest place for the local people. In the evening it is accompanied by boat rides where one can take a break from their hectic life and enjoy solace. Boat rides on these lakes offer refreshing experience. It is a perfect place for everyone, whether for a morning walk, chilling out  with friends, or spending a quality time with family. It is really amazing to see this lake at night, especially when the lights of the road lamps reflect on the lake water, like stars have landed on the water.
One can spent a calm and peaceful time around the lakes of Udaipur. Happiness is the moment when you sit silently atroung these expansive shimmering and see the endless blue sky, feel the cool breeze, watch the water flowing, leaves falling from trees and birds chirping around. The peaceful ambience will make you feel your presence better. No wonder,such an environment can strongly ignite the artist within you. This view gets so deeply carved in the hearts and inspires people to exibit their talent. Hence, Udaipur is blessed with a great number of of talented photographers, painters, musicians, poets and writers.
Udaipur is a lifetime favourite destination for everyone. This is the reason the city has been privileged with many titles and recognitions. Everyone who visited Udaipur has fellen in love with this city, may be its your time to get love struck.