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Monday, 29 February 2016

Fall in Love

Ever met someone so imperfect for you, but you fall in love with them in the most unexpected manner. Someone who is insanely opposite and entirely wrong, but your heart finds him perfectly accurate. I know these lines are quite skeptical, but that cannot deny them to be true.

They make you see how love looks like, how love smells like and how love feels like. They make you rediscover yourself and see the beauty, confidence and strength that you never knew existed in you. Love is astonishingly powerful when someone believes in your dreams so much that you start believing them too. Love makes you courageous, love makes you feel wanted, love makes you a better person.

The love month just got over and it’s kind of awkward writing about love now, but for people who are madly in love, every day is worth celebrating. I absolutely admire true love, where people talk about everything without hesitation or sit for hours together enjoying silence or how extraordinary one can make you feel just by their presence.  

Love is selfless, it has room for everyone, all we need to do is stop analyzing the past or overthinking about the future and acknowledge only what’s present in front of you. Allow them in with open arms, maybe then you will start to overlook your flaws and start cherishing the beauty in broken and forgotten because love can turn everything perfect.

Keep taking chances because man is mortal, but stories are not and life is too short, make sure to fall in love before you run out of time. 

PS: This day is really special, it’s 29 February, which is once in four years, so I wanted to make this day a memorable one, and what better than sharing this day with my readers. I dedicate this post exclusively to all my readers, my family, my friends and all my loved ones who believed in me far before I started believing me.