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Monday, 7 March 2016

When Opportunity Knocks

Life is completely uncertain, it comes with no rules nor warnings, sometimes we admire and sometimes we criticize, but life keeps going irrespective of everything. An ideal life is also quite dubious, people have dissimilar views upon it, like having lots of money, getting dream job, eating without getting fat or many more. It's often different for everyone, people define ideal life according to their desires. So, the conclusion is even an ideal life is uncertain.

Life is the most happening parties because it surprises every day. An optimistic person is the one who takes life as it comes and accepts opportunities with wide open arms. Opportunity knocks only once and even if you try you can never cease an opportunity, so never limit your life, accept the chances, for miracles happen everyday and why to think twice when you know it can only lead to two ways, either 'success' or 'failure'.  Failure itself is an opportunity, to begin again, with experience and better knowledge. Successful people are often the one’s who are constantly moving forward, it doesn’t matter if you are moving slowly, but the direction in which you’re moving. Life is never going to be easy for people who choose not to accept the monotony, but difficulty always comes with opportunity and at the end you will be rewarded lavishly.

Helen Keller has aptly said once, “ When one door closes,  another opens, but often we look so long, so regretfully upon the closed door that we fail to see the one that is open for us”

‘At the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take’ The door of opportunity opens only once or many times (if you are lucky enough), everybody gets a shot, but it inclines to people who welcome and confront them. Those who complain or doubt often miss chances even when they are staring us right in the face. It is catastrophic that sometimes even people with insight and cognizance fail to embrace the opportunity due to ignorance.

To accept opportunities we need to develop a strong positive mental attitude by firmly supporting our positive thoughts into positive actions, only then we can accept positive results. Thoughts are the most powerful when put into action. Learn to be happy, but never satisfied, push yourself to the edge know your potentials, no matter how crazy it gets but never settle for less, know your potential and make the most out of your potential.

Winner says- it may be difficult, but it is possible, the loser says- it may be possible but it is difficult. At the end, it’s always your choice who you are going to be today.

Stay Positive! Stay Inspired!