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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hello Friendship

This generation is never alone. With blessings of technology man has numerous friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. we share status and pictures with people we know nothing about. Then, when the time comes, when we are actually in need of advice, support and encouragement we feel completely lonely and directionless. We search for that one person to call out of thousand contacts  and if at that moment a hand comes out of the crowd, then congratulations! That’s the one. 

Age is just a number, 12 or 21 we all need people around us to fight with us, tease us, irritate us and most importantly understand and support us, no matter how silly the issue be. Friends are not just to share fun and happiness, but people who choose to be with you in your thick and thin, inspire you to become a better person, acknowledge you by every means, make you laugh when you know you have almost forgotten and most importantly believe in you when you don’t, those are the people who are worth every sacrifice.

Friends are the family we get to choose for ourself, it is really interesting that  a stranger later becomes the world to us. There were days when I couldn’t breathe without telling everything to my best friend, and now we have become slaves of our hectic life, but even then whenever we meet we enjoy each other’s company, we love unconditionally and support one another despite of all the shortcomings.

Friend does not judge your good times or bad times, they only aim to create memorable times. Friendship is the best form of connecting minds, my friends burst out laughing before my finishing the joke and can also guess when am not fine and still pretend to be happy. We have always been taught about having good company and that is because the energies are contagious and we become who we spend time with, yes! Friendship is that powerful.

Friendship is selfless, it’s sticking to them when they are in need, just like the great friendship of Lord Krishna and Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita, true friendship acts as a shield and protects from every misery. Growing up, we might lose a few friends, but the ones left even after the storm has passed are the treasures to be taken ahead. 
Take few minutes off and thank all your fiends today,the one's who have been there always, defining friendship again and again.
 sometimes quality over quantity makes the equation equal. 



  1. Someone told if you want to estimate a person find her/his friend circle. A constructive criticism always helps to improve the person. Friends are normally of same age group and from same sector of society. To get a perfect and impartial opinion you should collect comments from different people.
    Thank you for good writing. Good luck

  2. Yes surely! thank you so much :D

  3. Awesome Ranee.. i love you so much :*