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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I Have Learnt

Life is a complex equation, every time I try finding a solution to one of my problems, I get tangled in another one, but in the long way I have learnt  a lot about it.

When I saw a lady with shiny hair, perfectly tanned skin, glowing face and everything flawless, I learnt to start making wishes and when I saw a lady on the street with nothing except having a piece of bread in hand,wearing ill fitted cloths and sparkling eyes full of hope, I learnt to start counting blessings.

It took me really long to understand the meaning of hope, I know a person  would never walk long distance to a restaurant if he’d be told that it has no food for him and at the same time I also know that a person would jump in a puddle if he’s told there a diamond within just for him. I learnt hope is powerful, all successful people are the ones who never give up on hope.

I love watching the horizon, imagine how beautiful and picturesque the view gets when the sky kisses the land, but I also know how to re-imagine the picture better, by holding the lover’s hand and promising love forever and that’s when I learnt how love adds cherry on the cake. No matter how perfect the cake looks to you, love always does the magic by accessorising it with more.

As I begin to grow, I was much teased about being overweight, while I mostly preferred fruits in my diet, but nothing worked and the one I mocked on for being extremely skinny, actually ate the world at one time, yet could not get fat. I learnt to start counting happiness over calories.

I was once told by someone that am too friendly to everyone, so I stopped talking too much, I stopped smiling too much, I stopped being me too much and then one day I was called ‘arrogant’ by someone. I learnt that a person is best in oneself, even trying  to be someone else can be catastrophic.   

For many years I was digging for the idea of getting the snow white skin tone, but had no idea how. Then one day I saw a young  and beautiful fair skin lady buying a bronzer to get sun tan skin and  that day I learnt to celebrate my skin tone.

I have learnt that everyone of us has beauty and flaws within us and we need to celebrate both of them equally. The world will always have something to offer us and sometimes being anxious we accept problems over solutions. I am walking on the process of learning, I learn everyday. In the last two decades of my life I have learnt to love, celebrate, accept, trust and admire my life the same way I admire others’.

Life is strangely beautiful, Let’s not judge, let’s not criticize, let’s just live. Let's be us for once and see what the world has to offer us.