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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Redefining love

I have grown up reading lots of romantic novels, so I always had an idea of perfect love, it is giving red rose, making passionate Saturday night date plans, writing love letters, gifting expensive things wrapped in sparkling wrapping papers. Eventually I added more little beautiful moments to it, like kissing in the middle of the street, having a fun pillow fight, visiting places together and all those silly, cute things that are meant to add a cherry on the cake.

Now when I have actually grown up, I think love isn’t always about beauty or things or every moment that a little girl thinks make a perfect romantic novel. Love is sometimes ugly, like seeing you in bad hair days, having a long silent walk in PJ’s or chatting all night long with words that keep kissing each other. True love is not getting makeover done for a romantic date, but taking hours late at night with your hair tied up in a bun, dark circles showing up because of no makeup, singing to make your partner laugh, talking without making any sense.  The kind of love that bring you tears out of laughter, that turns on the philosopher in you at late night and you start spilling out your feelings better. Love is that comfort which you get in the company of your partner that let you tell them your secrets, your goals, your fears and your tragedies.

Love is about loving everything about the other person, even when you have no clue what the other person is up to. Love is enough for everyone, but for people who don’t know how to love, nothing is enough for them. Love is adventures as well as chaotic, it is composed of laughter, sadness, madness and every strange, beautiful emotion, you have ever read in any of the books. 


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