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Sunday, 17 April 2016

The religion named LOVE

‘Congratulation! It’s a girl’

She came to the world as an occasion, spreading love, smiles and happiness. Her bright eyes and tender lips brought back the togetherness in the family. A girl was born in the Muslim home. 

She grew year after year, grabbing a larger place in her parents’ hearts.  She was the apple of their eyes, they listened to her every talk, watched her favourite cartoons with her, enjoyed doing homework with her and did everything to keep her happy. There was never a dull moment around her.

Then She grew into an adult, but she shared the same bond with her parents and they still smiled looking at her childhood photo albums. Their favourite amusement was re-living the past through those photographs. The love for their child has grown massively in years.

The girl has  come of her age now, she is to unite with her partner and get her Nikah done. Being the darling child in the family, everyone was looking for her best match. Then one day, the girl falls in love with a Hindu man, and the man too falls in an unapologetic love with her. The kind of love she always wished for.

The girl is in a dilemma, not ready to hurt her parents who have devoted their lives to her for over last two decades.  She is also not ready to abandon the man, she wants to live with for the next decades of her life.


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