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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Raziya Sultan

History often reads as his-story, but this powerful woman has remarkably made it her-story. This heroic woman has carved an inspirational tale for every woman. Raziya Al-Din, the daughter of Shams-Ud-Din Iltutmish is a brave sultan belonged from the slave dynasty. Razia Sultan was the sultan of Delhi. She was the first Muslim female ruler and the only woman to occupy the throne of Delhi.

Raziya is an iconic woman who chose limitless paths and faced all her fears en route of achieving  success. At the time when most Muslim women lived veiled and suppressed in harems, this lady broke the monotony and bid for power. Raziya was the eldest daughter of Iltutmish who reigned in Delhi for 16 years. With apt education and strong interest in politics, she became her father’s regent during his campaigns. On his deathbed Iltutmish proudly announced his wish that Razia would rule in his stead. Iltutmish once said that “my two sons have given themselves up to wine, women, gambling and worship of flattery. Government is very heavy for their shoulder to bear. Raziya, though a woman, has a man’s head and heart and is better than my two sons.”
Raziya inaugurated her bravery in the world by being the first and last female ruler of Delhi sultanate. The woman with enormous physical and mental strength also declined to be called as ‘Sultana’ as the term refers to ‘spouse or wife of Sultan’. The fearless ruler responded only if she was mentioned with the title ‘Sultan’.

Raziya Sultan always believed in her more than anyone else, she has not only inspired many women of her time but even of now. She is a perfect example of how a woman should be, that is fearless and determined.


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