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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Having Breakfast in a café

 Having my breakfast in a café

This morning was quite introspective. I was in a café, sitting alone. I went there to kick start my day with some good food. I ordered my favorite cheese pasta and black coffee. I am on a diet, but my stomach has succeeded in fooling me that  the black coffee would cut down the fats gained from the cheese, or pasta, or both.
While having my breakfast, so many thoughts were crossing my mind. I love spending time in solitude, it helps me introspect and calm down the irrelevant thoughts that limit my mind. I don’t desire of being alone, but when I am, I try making it constructive.

The café had very few people, I guess not all are in favour of having an early morning breakfast in a café. I saw a lady and her child on the table just beside me, they were having club sandwich and coffee, the lady seemed to be quite busy working on her laptop and the child was free like she had answers to all her questions. The lady was quite determined about  her work along with delicately savouring sips of coffee, trying not to spoil her perfect nude lipstick. Then I saw her little girl again, she was relishing her food. Her pink chubby cheeks with ketchup stains on them are making them appear more plump, her mother, though busy, but she was trying hard to make her learn table manners, while the girl was completely unapologetic about licking her fingers. She was wearing her flaws like diamonds.  

I realized how liberated the little girl was, not caring if she looked stupid to the world or not. She had no worries about the workload or anything. She was so cheerful, like I said she had answers to all her questions.  She made me remember my childhood when looks were not important to grab someone’s attention, when people forgave me before even saying sorry, when everything I said was heard and appreciated, when I wasn’t knowing about the word ‘impossible’.

Time has brought many changes in me, am no more the one with the easy life. I am proud that I have become mature, because I spent so much time over analyzing, over-thinking and over-reacting. I debate with self and come up with a thousand thoughts before actually giving a try to some work. When I see me in the mirror today, I perceive so much improvement between now and then.  

But when I looked at the little girl I discovered what real happiness means. The enormous satisfaction in her big bright eyes made me regret about everything that I have lost in becoming the person I am today.


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