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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I am a Lady

Grown up in body of a woman I have experienced many emotions and moments. I have learned to love without expecting any return. I have been familiar with the words like sharing, caring and daring from a very young age. I love creating, from food, poetry to life.

I have been to places without knowing their ways, I have been with people without knowing their names. I have had decisions that I regret, but those are the ones that give me strength. I have been described in poems, I have been described in stories about beauty, grace, elegance with many fancy immortal words that writers use every time  and expand my limits. I have also been  described in slangs and pranks with words so hurtful; I may never know why people have that hatred for me.

I can blush, I can pout, I can even whistle and shout. I may be crying inside, but I can make you fall in love with my smile. I am my hero, I can be your’s too. I undergo changes every year, physically, mentally and emotionally, but if we fall in love and you treat me right, nothing will ever change between us.

I am a lady, and I am proud of it!


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