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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Against the World

I always wondered how the world would react if I ever choose the opposite of mainstream. I always keep arguing with me mentally on this issue. Its like a fight with my own thoughts,a fight I know I can never win because at the end of the day I reach the same place where I started from.

It's really hard to preserve something, especially when the whole world is trying to take it away from you. There will be days when the people will make you incapable of holding your dream, they will cage you in your thoughts and try every effort to make your life miserable. I know, it has happened to me many times. You will complain and start hating your life, but trust me growth often starts from adversity.

Life is never inclined towards what you think and I am glad it isn’t. If life had come with a book of rules to follow then people would have never talked about dreams.

It's okay not to be loved by everyone or be betrayed by the one you trusted blindly. There will be days when you will have too many mood swings, you will end up crying for help and won’t get any. These are the days when you will realise the difference between pure gold and gold plated.  But make sure not to lock your doors, but answer to every knock you hear. Treat them with love, show them forgiveness, make them see how kindness looks like, they might have never seen before.

Always express gratitude to your critics, your haters and non supporters, for they have created the battleground for you to become a warrior that you are today. Don’t let the hard beginnings tame you, because the best is always about to come. Have a positive mind.

Bandage your wounds, challenge your limits, go against the world.


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