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Friday, 9 February 2018

Hello Love

Love is more of conduct than words. I know a lot of people who aren’t that expressive with love, but they happen to make me feel loved. We definitely have special days for  every occasion, so we get an excuse to text our favorite one, or relive the past, or have some or the other reason to make us feel happy. I don’t mind celebrating love, because there are so many things to ignore in this world, but when love knocks, you should open the door.  If someone is outstretching his/her arms to hug you, you definitely should accept that hug.  

I love travelling and making new friends, but you know what makes me equally happy? When I come home and see familiar faces who are wildly curious to listen to all my stories. There is no definition of selfless love, your heart just knows it is true.

We do not always have a good time, do we? Some people will still listen to your sad stories, give you warm hugs and try to make you laugh. I totally believe that some people have supernatural powers, they can instantly lift you up. If you have ever experienced this, Damn you are rich!
Love is there for all, it only grows with time.
I dedicate my Valentine’s week to My family, friends and my readers. I have unlimited flaws, but with the right people I feel the best.

May you have an amazing week ahead. Let love enter and change your life.


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